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Cost Benefit Analysis for SOYA COW (VS- 40) (Rev April 2013)
A Equipment** Soya Cow
B. Capacity 40 litres/h
C. Capital Investment (In USD)
C.1 Basic Price for Plant and Machinery 9,350
C.2 Packaging @ 3% 280.5
C.3 Transport and Import cost 2,000
C.4 Sub-Total-VS-40 11,631
C.9 Vacuum Sealing unit for Tofu Medium Size 2,000
C.10 Canning Retort (Sterilizing Machine)with Crown Corking 2,000
C.11 Freezer 500
C.12 Sub-Total-extras  4,500
C.13 Pre-Operational Expenses 500
C.14 Total Capital Investment  
C.14.1 For SoyMilk (Plain) 12,631
C.14.2 For Soymilk (Flavored) 14,131
C.14.3 For Tofu  12,631
CA Input Cost Assumptions  
CA.1 Monthly Interest on LoanPercent per anum 12
CA.2 Depreciation Rate (percentage) 10
CA.3 Cost of Manpower per month  300
CA.4 Cost of Soyabeans /USD/ KG .0.8
CA.5 Cost of Electricity (USD /KW) 0.2
D No of batches/day/ 16
D.1 Monthly Interest on LoanPercent per anum  12
D.1.1 For Soymilk (Plain) 126
D.1.2 For Soymilk (Flavored) 141
D.1.3 For Tofu 126
D.2 Other Expenses 50
D.3 Manpower Cost 2 workers  1000
D.4 Soy Beans @ Price-CA.4 above (4 kg/batch) 1280
D.5 Cost of Power  
D.5.2 System with Deodoriser (3.5kW/batch) 280
D.6 Water, Sewer & Maintenance 50
D.7 Fuel - LPG @ Rs. 28/batch 0
D.8 Rent 100
D.9 Contingency expenses 100
D.10 Depreciation Rate (percentage) 10
D.10.1 For Soymilk (Plain) 105
D.10.2 For Soymilk (Flavored) 118
D.10.3 For Tofu  105
D.11 Total Expenses  
D.11.1 For Soymilk (Plain) 2,812
D.11.2 For Soymilk (Flavored) FOR 12 BATCHES 2,802
D.11.3 For Tofu 2,812
E Additional Production Expenses (per Month)  
E.1 Flavoured & Sweetened Milk @ USD. 0.1/litre FOR 12 BATCHES 840
E.2 Tofu @ USD. .1/batch 40
E.3 Bottling, labelling & Sterilizing cost @ .1 per 200 ml bottle FOR 12 BATCHES 4,200
F Net Cost of Production  
F.1 Soy Milk (Plain) 0.25
F.2 Bottled & Sterilized Soy Milk (Flavored) (Rs./litre) 0.70
F.3 Tofu  (Rs/kg) 1.27
G Selling Price (USD)  
G.1 Soy Milk (Plain) 0.40
G.2 Soy Milk (Flavored)-.2 USD per 200ml Bottles 1.00
G.3 Tofu /kg 2.00
H Monthly Income  
H.1 Soy Milk (Plain)  @ Rs. 12/litre 4,480.00
H.2 Soy Milk (Flavored)  @ Rs. 40/litre FOR 12 BATCHES 8,400.00
H.3 Tofu @ Rs. 80/kg  4,480
I Net Profit/Month  
I.1 Soy Milk (Plain) 1,668.44
I.2 Soy Milk (Flavored) FOR 12 BATCHES/DAY  2,518.83
I.3 Tofu 1,628.44
J Payback Period (Months)  
J.1 Soy Milk (Plain) 7.57
J.2 Soy Milk (Flavored) 5.61
J.3 Tofu 7.76
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