Automatic Eggs Incubator

We Offer This Eggs Incubator in Different Capacities & Can be Customized as Per The Application Fully automatic egg incubator can be helpful for those who want to hatch and grow their backyard flocks in the most professional manner.
It can control temperature and egg turning automatically. It has multiple led display which shows temperature humidity and egg turning time. It has an automatic humidity controller which can humidity the machine precisely.


  • Model No : MKI_05
  • Product Type : Hatching Incubator
  • Brand : Made in India
  • Egg Capacity : 500
  • Egg Type : Chicken, Duck, Goose, Reptile, Quail
  • Hatching Ratio : 90% 
  • Body Material : Hylam Sheet and Metal Body
  • Power Required : 350W


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