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Conflict avoidance on both sides could lead your work relationship to grow uncomfortable and distant. By contrast, taking the coworker aside to discuss what happened and apologize would likely repair the relationship and set up productive future interactions. Conflict avoidance how to deal with someone who avoids conflict can damage your relationships and harm your mental health. This people-pleasing behavior can also make it difficult to set and maintain boundaries. Aside from our work life, avoiding conflict can manifest in our romantic relationships, friendships, and even family dynamics.

There is evidence that an organization that sets standards for behavior and uses the principles of “action learning” to address variances will have desirable outcomes with disruptive physicians. In 20 practices, action learning resulted in successful management of the problem. If you want to have a constructive discussion, you need to stick to one issue at a time. When you want to solve personal problems, this is probably not the strategy you take with yourself. Imagine that you wanted to think about how to incorporate more physical exercise into your daily routine.

Approach-avoidance conflict vs. fear of negative evaluation theories

You can assert yourself respectfully by explaining yourself clearly in a calm way. Illustrate your ideas with examples and make a point of acknowledging other people’s ideas as well. Be open to compromise and ask other people to elaborate on their opinions to gain new insight. Psychological safety may be particularly important for flighters, because it helps avoid triggering the fight-or-flight instinct that so often pushes these people to clam up, shut down, hide out or acquiesce. Safety opens the door to reasonable, collaborative and evolved responses. And that makes for a more harmonious and productive workforce.

Many people who are leading teams, especially teams and organizations that are doing well, don’t want to solicit negative feedback. I would recommend you solicit feedback and encourage people to talk about their potential challenges and frustrations. Surfacing concerns will not encourage more problems, but will often stem problems that are brewing. The YouTube button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the YouTube social network provided by Google Inc. The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter, Inc.

Nurture A Supportive, Inclusive Environment

Issues may never seem to get handled because you cannot talk to them. Perhaps your partner does things you don’t like, and they can say the same for you. However, how do you work things out with your spouse when they avoid conflict regularly?

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